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Hey folks!

I’ve moved this website to a new server and now everything runs a bit more smoothly here πŸ™‚ Also this whole page Β uses a secure connection from now on! Things are happening here!

A few videos broke because my theme didn’t like HTTPS. Fixed them! πŸ™‚

Have a nice day!
The Mute Gamer


Hey guys!

I know that I’m quite lazy with this whole website from time to time. So I’ve decided to change the way I write my reviews:
They will become shorter. Much shorter. This is bad for my search engine ranking but I think this will result in me reviewing a lot more games.

Writing more than 1000 words only to tell you what I think about a particular game is just too time consuming (for you and me) and is simply not needed to get my point across. And everyone’s taste is different so I can only point you in a general direction anyway. A game needs to be experienced to be judged and words only often don’t suffice.

With that said:

Have a great day!

Scam Alert

Hey folks, this is just a quick blog post which informs you about a scammer who pretends to be me by using this Email: thegameronmute@gmail.com



I’ve added tags to every review so you’ll be able to find games by looking up the single genres. While this is not yet that useful I think that it will be in the future when I’ve hopefully written a few more reviews πŸ˜‰


Welcome to the blog section of this website!

I’m going to use this blog to talk about any changes that happen on the website. This will allow you and me to follow the progress of it and will also hopefully lead to some constructive criticism πŸ™‚

The website currently still lacks some content but I will try my best to keep updating it! I hope you like it so far though. Enjoy your time here!