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Freedom Fall – Achievement Guide


Hey everyone!
Check out how to get all of the Steam achievements in the platformer Freedom Fall in this guide!

There are a total of 20 achievements in this game. 6 of those are hidden achievements so Steam won’t tell you what to do in order to get them. But I will! Here we go:


Collect 50 large gears.

You'll get this simply over time. Just keep collecting everything!

Space Invader

Enter a no-boys-allowed zone.

You'll quite often encounter special rooms when going the harder routes. Just enter one and this achievement is yours!

I Meant to do That

Kill yourself with a bomb.

We both know that you already have that achievement 😀


Buy all the equippable items in the shop.

This one is fairly straight forward as well. Just keep in mind that there is also an achievement for not buying anything so you might want to wait with buying stuff until you've completed the game.


Complete the game.

Self explanatory.

Tag, you're it!

Beat the princess in a race section.

This one is pretty straight forward as well. There are a few maps where it is possible to outrun her but in the last map it is even mandatory.

Bigger Boat

Kill the shark boss.

Just keep picking up those bombs and throw them at the shark!


Pass a level without dying.

Self explanatory.


Complete the not-guilty path in level 11.

Take the left route here!

Prince of Thieves

Complete the guilty path in level 11.

Take the right route here!

Jumped the Shark

Escape the shark boss.

Just don't throw bombs at the shark boss and keep swimming!


Get the dragon ending.

Choose the not guilty path and then complete the game. Jump on the dragon when the credits start rolling to get this achievement!

Saved By the Princess

Get the princess ending.

Choose the guilty path and then complete the game. Then grab the prince when the credits start rolling.


Get under time par for every level

Self explanatory.


Get under the death par for every level

Self explanatory.


Get over cog par for every level

Self explanatory.


Complete game without buying any equipment

This one can be quite frustrating because some passages are harder without any gear. It's not that hard though and should be totally manageable.

Going Solo

Get the solo ending.

Don't grab the dragon or the princess when the credits roll. Instead just fall on your own!


Get cog, time and death par for all levels

Self explanatory.


Pass the game without dying.

This one is not as hard as it sounds. Just press start and restart the map whenever you die. You can complete each level individually but you need to start a new game for this! You won't get it when you complete a level with a few deaths and then complete it again with zero deaths.