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Momodora 3 – Achievement Guide

momodora 3

After completing Momodora 4 I started playing Momodora 3 just to find out you can get every achievement in about 1 hour 🙂 Here is how:

There are a total of 8 achievements in Momodora 3 and you can get everyone on any difficulty. I’d say you play on the normal difficulty for your first playthrough (the casual one is too easy):

Destroyer of Owls

There is an innocent owl sitting in the top corner in Belltower Garden… just kill it with your ranged attack.

Good Ending

Play through the game and TALK to the final boss once you’ve beaten her.

Bad Ending

Play through the game and ATTACK the final boss once you’ve beaten her.

Stable Time Loop &

You need to talk to Meliot (the girl with the glasses) 3 times on different locations to get this:

  1. At the end of the first world
  2. Dim hideout – top right of this level
  3. Belltower garden – end of the world

After beating the boss on Belltower Garden, trade the Owl Badge for a seed. Then Warp to the beginning of Belltower Garden and go up and left to plant the seed and reach a new area. Defeat the boss and the achievement is yours!

Golden Ladybird

This one is quite random. You need to KILL one of those flying creatures in Belltower Garden in a golden version. Just keep rentering the room with 3 of them until you see a golden one.

The next 3 achievements can be all be done in your second playthrough. Set the game to casual:

Mariel Saved!

For this one you need to talk to Mariel 3 times on different locations in 30 minutes. So this one fits perfectly in this speedrun playthrough.

  1. First level, after the lift on the right.
  2. Belltower garden, right at the start on the left
  3. Left of the Demon Boss in the grave.

Talk to her after defeating the demon boss to get this achievement!


Just run through the game as fast as you can. It should be easy to do this since the game really isn’t too long. Dying doesn’t seem to count to your total time!


This one is more annoying than anything (since you will probably get killed on a few edges by being hit) but should be self-explanatory.