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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight – Achievement Guide

Hey folks! I recently got 100% on this awesome game and I want to share a few things I’ve learned with you in this guide 🙂

There are currently 9 achievements in this game and it took me around 11 hours to get all of them. Your results may vary.
In this process I played through the whole game 4 times one time on every difficulty (easy, normal, hard, insane) and I encourage you to do the same since it worked out really nice for me.

The first playthrough should be played on normal, just experience the game and ignore all the achievements. After you’ve completed the game you can complete 6 ouf the 9 achievements like this:

True Ending

You need to have the Fresh Spring Leaf for this. First travel to the top of Royal Pinacotheca and get the spell Sealed Wind. Then travel to the eastern part of Karst city where you can find a windmill. Use the Sealed Wind spell here and a secret path will open which you can enter in cat form and there you can upgrade your Leaf. Now just beat the last boss again and the achievement is yours!


For this achievement you will need to have the Dirty Mushroom which you can find in the western part of the Subterranean Cave, you will need to have cat form to get it. Then give that mushroom to the rude imp girl in the center of Sacred Ordalia cove.


Get the tissue item in the upper eastern part of Forlon Monastery. You can find it in a secret passage right below the save point in front of the boss. Afterwards give the tissue to the girl which stands at the western savepoint in Forlon Monastery. After this the locked door in Forlon Monastery will open and you are able to fight this secret boss. Kill her and you will get the achievement.

Healthy, Explorer, & Bug Collector

These three achievements require you to find all collectables and explore 100% of the map. This awesome map on Steam will will surely help you to find everything you’re missing:
Click me


Now onto your second playthrough on easy:

Pacifist & Imperishable

After completing the game at normal difficulty you will realize that easy really is easy. Just don’t kill any minions, dodge through everything and you’ll be fine. If you accidentally kill a minion, quit the game and reload it. The same goes for dying, if you die (probably by falling in spikes), simply open your task manager and kill the momodora process. The game won’t realize you actually died and you can simply restart it again. Easy!

Don’t even try this.

Now the challenging part. First you will need to complete the game on hard to unlock the insane difficulty. The game really becomes a lot harder than on the normal difficulty, but just take your time and try to finish of your enemies from a distance and you’ll be fine. Once you’ve killed the final boss you’ll be able to start a new game on insane.

Insane mode is hard, but not as hard as it seems. Once again, take your time and try to kill your enemies from a distance. Everything kills you in one hit. As you know by now there are plenty of checkpoints in this game. So use them! And don’t forget to dodge. Dodging is crucial on insane. The items you get from killing the bosses without getting hurt will greatly aid you on your insane mission. Especially the flame arrows you get from the boss in the Cinder Chambers will stagger a lot of enemies (and bosses!) and help you tremendously. So my advice is to go there first. Good luck!

  • AttackFly

    This is super helpful, I’ve been using it! All I have left is insane mode.

  • JohnT

    Let me add something. The necklace of sacrifice is your go to for insane. It’s a permanent 100% increase in attack power. then add tainted missive, pocket incendiary, and bakman patch and oh my god does insane because ridiculously easy to clear.