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Risk Of Rain – Secret: how to reach the boar beach

Reaching the boar beach is simple but only works when certain conditions are met. Find out what those conditions are in this guide!

This secret in the game Risk Of Rain is one of those secrets you normally don’t find yourself. I’m not sure who found it first but I guess that was totally by accident. I’ve added a small video to this guide which shows you how to get there and what the boar beach actually looks like. Here are the necessary conditions to be able to reach the boar beach:

  • Reach the ancient valley!
  • The bridge has to be intact for this to work. Otherwise the bush won’t be there in the northern east corner.
  • Single player only. I found this out the hard way.
  • Go to the bush and press up. That’s it!

Once you’ve reached the boar beach there really isn’t all that much to explore. You can kill a few boars and will receive a hidden Item which will increase your defense.
It’s also possible to farm this spot on higher difficulties. The only boss that will spawn here is the big boar and if you stand at the right place then it won’t be able to hit you while you can keep killing it over and over again.

That’s it folks!