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The Stanley Parable – How to unlock the console

Unlocking the console in the Stanley Parable allows you to tinker with a few settings and also gives you the possibility to reach the “serious room”.

I’ve created a small video showing you how to exactly do it in Steam:

Alternatively you can simply follow this instructions:

  • Right click The Stanley Parable in Steam
  • Select properties
  • Click “Set launch options”
  • Type “-console” into the input field
  • Press OK and close the properties window
  • Start the game!
  • The console should be opened by default 🙂

That’s it! If you don’t have the game on Steam you can also edit the game’s .exe file and manually set the launch options.

  • Doge Woof

    when you copy “-console” in, do you put a space, and do you keep the quote marks?

    • Emma Angel

      of course you don’t keep the quotation marks but you keep the –

  • Bruno

    how do you make a non steam version of stanley parable able to run the console