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The Stanley Parable – Secrets

The Stanley Parable has a lot of different endings but that is not all there is to this unique game. Here you will find a list of the different secrets which are hidden in this game.

 Employee of the year secret

Disco secret

Serious room secret

You will have to unlock the console for this secret.

Facepunch secret

Press escape and after this enter the following command: facepunch@

Follower secret

This only happens sometimes but it’s a haunting experience.

Got any more secrets? Tell me about them in the comments and I’ll add them!

  • Kraasel

    Escape pod ? Follow this: (sorry bad english)
    Go to boss office.
    Pass through the doors, but go back before closes.
    You will notice all doors on de path behind you will open.
    Follow back the path ultil Stanley’s office. Near will be a new open door.
    After this point will load something. Go to the end and enjoy.

  • no

    In the adventure line path there is a Dallas mask from Payday

  • Stanley

    When I tried to do the speed run acheievement by restarting the game over and over, i once got no narrative when leaving the office, and instead was greeted with a phone call on a desk near spawn. The phone call was from a corp. who was confirming a shipment of boxes.

  • Graeme Rock

    I loved the ringing phone at the beginning. That was so freaky to hear someone other than the Narrator talking.