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The Stanley Parable – Speedrun achievement

Getting the speedrun achievement in The Stanley Parable is quite easy once you’ve completed the necessary requirements. Find out what those are in this guide!

There are really only two required steps to get the speedrun achievement:

  1. Go three times through the boss’s room until the narrator immediately opens the hidden passage for you
  2. Restart the game until you directly see the room with the two door

Thats it! Watch the video if it’s still unclear to you how to pull it off!

  • Hssanya

    I followed the instructions but couldn’t make it worked, I wondered if it was because I’d just used your trick for the Unachievable achievement, so I went and undid it (not that it took away the achievement because I already have it) and then tried again. No luck. I’ll keep trying though.

  • Argolas

    I can’t do this for some reason. I did everything like you did in the video- three times already. I spawned at the right version of the office, made sure that the secret door is opened immediatly (“Here’s the door, just go”) and that the narration at the lift right after that is skipped (when the narrator would say something about Stanley questioning his job for the first time or so). I didn’t look at the time, but I made sure to always use the shortest way, never stopped moving and pressed the buttons immediatly when they came in range. I really can’t imagine how I could be any faster- still no achievement 🙁

    • Michael DeGuzis

      odd, I did it exactly like he did and I got it. I made sure I was very fluid and did not bump anything, and hit everything quick as well as when the door is just opened for you at the chimney.

  • NoviceInDisguise

    yep, this works

  • Sebastian Evald Stück

    Got it after much trial and error. The place that apparently made me fail the first few time was big slow door at the very end. It seems that you have to time when to step over it. Just holding ‘w’ and getting over when it’s all the way down or trying to time it as it reaches the bottom didn’t work. what did work, was to wait until it was a few inches above ground and then push ‘w’ to sort of jam yourself over it.