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Xeodrifter – Achievement Guide


Find out how to get all the achievements in the game Xeodrifter by Renegade Kid. This guide includes all the locations for the Health and Weapon upgrades!

Work in progess! I’ll update this guide while I’m playing the game.

Submarine Power

Collect Power-up

Plane Shift Power

Collect Power-up

Secret Stash

Find hidden health

Run Power

Collect Power-up

We're Sorry!

Kill an Alien bat

Rocket Power

Collect Power-up

Solar Flare Power

Collect Power-up

Phaze Power

Collect Power-up

Warp Drive Engage

Finish the game


Collect health during a boss battle


Collect all Gun Extenders


Break the boss's Shield

The Move

Manually Stimulate a Sprite

Security Blanket

Collect all Health Extenders


Visit 100% of Map


Beat Final Boss Without Taking Damage

Watch me doing this achievement here:

  • Christoffer Karlsson

    Bookmarking the page as a backup for when I start the game next year (part of a personal challenge for 2015). Keep up the good work.