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Axiom Verge – Review

Axiom Verge

Find out if you should play Axiom Verge, a metroidvania by Thomas Happ in this review!

Axiom Verge really emphasizes on the Metroid part of the metroidvania genre. In fact I first thought Axiom Verge is just some kind of Metroid clone.
But there is more to the game than you’d think at first glance. It has unique mechanics and a really interesting story which leaves many things up to your interpretation.

Thomas Happ has done all art, code, music and game design by himself which is really quite remarkable when you look at the final product. The music is memorable and really set the tone for the whole game.

So if you like Metroidvanias you’ll definitely like Axiom Verge!

  • Graphics: Nice
  • Story: Intriguing
  • Sound & music: Phenomenal
  • Achievements: Rewarding and offer a lot of replay value
  • Gameplay: Awesome